The story so far…

When I turned 25, it was like a countdown started. I wanted a baby and I wanted one now. It was such a strange feeling; when I was younger, I never wanted to get married, nor have kids. I hate to sound mushy but I think it had to do with finding ‘the one’. It’s all his fault (and I love him for it). 

We decided not to rush into anything; I would continue to take my birth control and we would wait until we were married before we considered babies.


It was a harder decision to make for my SO than it was for me. He wanted to make sure we were financially better off before we even considered having babies. It was sensible of him, but I pointed out that a) I doubt anyone is ever really financially ready for babies and b) he had a self-imposed rule that he wanted to be married and have kids by the time he turned 32 and we were fast approaching his 30th birthday.

So we compromised; we’d get married first. We were already engaged by this point, and the wedding would be in a year or two – I could wait that long!

As the wedding got closer, there were jokes at work about a honeymoon baby and we decided that I would stop taking the contraceptive pill. As it turned out, we had planned it pretty well and I finished them just before the wedding. Unfortunately, this meant that I was on my period for the wedding itself, but that was fine. I dealt with it.

The wedding was in August. I had a withdrawal period/bleed in September and when the time came for me to have my period in October…. nothing. Absolutely zip. At first I was excited – I took about six home pregnancy tests (all negative) and went to see the nurse who did a urine test (also negative). Unfortunately Mr Broody got super excited and told his mother at this point that I might be pregnant…

This is when they told me that once you come off the pill, it can take up to a year for your body to regain it’s natural rhythym. Awesome.

I tried to wait patiently for them to return through all of November and December, and finally, in January (and a couple of pregnancy tests later) I had some spotting which led to the heaviest bleeding I have ever had in my life. I assumed that it was just my body making up for the 3 month gap in my cycle but it got to just over two weeks of heavy bleeding (and sorry for this TMI) and passing quite large blood clots that I decided to go to the doctors.

So now we’re up to speed. The doctors gave me some pills to stop the bleeding, and I have to go back for blood tests and my smear which is apparently 2 years late.

They’re going to test for polycystic ovary syndrome, anaemia and some other things I can’t quite remember. After I’d been in, the doctor called me back to ask if I’d done a pregnancy test recently to rule out it’s being a miscarriage. I had done one two weeks before – negative again.


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