Babies, babies, everywhere…

So, since my broody button was pushed almost two years ago, there’s been babies everywhere. Seriously. It’s like I’ve got a sign above my head. HEY COME AND SHOW OFF YOUR BABY.

One of my friends was pregnant when I first started being broody, giving birth soon after to a beautiful baby girl that I went round to see often. She’s now on to her second child – a gorgeous little boy and telling me I need to catch up. The cheek!

My brother-in-law and his wife have had a little boy who’s going to be one in April and who’s just started crawling everywhere.

It’s not just my friends/family that are having babies either. At work, it’s mostly female employees but a lot of them are between the ages of 18 and 21 so there aren’t a lot of pregnancies. I’ve been there 3 years and up until 2014 there had only been 4 pregnancies. (Though one of them came back from maternity leave pregnant again and left shortly afterwards.)

In the last year alone, there have been a rush of pregnancies. So many that there have been jokes about pregnancy cults, and bets on who will be next. (when the finger is pointed at me I just smile and say “we’ll see”.) I think we’re currently up to four. One of the girls has now had her baby, the second is about 6 months along now, the third was sadly unwanted and the fourth is about 12 weeks in.

So not only am I being surrounded by pregnant people and babies at work – including patients that bring in their newborns and show off their bumps… I’m also being blasted on facebook with pregnancy announcements and birth announcements.

Don’t get me wrong – I am so, SO, happy for these people… i’m just a little jealous as well. Why are they all getting pregnant and not me? It’s an awful thing to think and I feel terrible every time. I’m coming to terms with the fact that maybe I’m just not ready yet but it’s a slow process. If I believed in God, I’d think he was testing me.

My time will come, I know it, I just need to be patient.
(I’m sure that reading other people’s baby blogs doesn’t help… but I can’t help it.)


4 thoughts on “Babies, babies, everywhere…

  1. I know when we were trying it was like that for me too! everywhere i looked there were babies and pregnancies, and questions about when we were going to start etc… so i gave them the honest truth about our infertility and that i didnt know if i’d ever have a baby! Keep on keeping on! it will work out one way or another for you guys!

    1. Oh i’m glad it’s not just me! Phew! I need to have blood tests done to see whether I have PCOS or some other problem because I’ve been having problems since coming off the pill.

      I have faith that it’ll work out, It’s just really hard to be patient!

  2. It is! I was inspired by your honestly and typed up my infertility infertility journey, I’ll be publishing it later in the week! Stop by and check it out!

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