Overweight and TTC

Every time I’ve been to the doctors lately, it doesn’t seem to matter what I was going for, they slip in that I need to lose weight.

Keep getting sinusitis? Lose weight

Acid reflux? Lose weight

Periods out of whack because you came off the pill? Lose weight

Want to try for a baby? Lose weight

Ok. I get it. I need to lose some weight. But could they try saying it a little nicer? “Have you considered trying to lose a bit of weight.” Is much preferred to: “You need to lose weight before you even consider having a baby.” Like I’ll be the worst mother in the world for even trying.

Yes I know I could stand to lose a few pounds, and I’m trying but every time it’s brought up I feel awful and you know what makes me feel better? FOOD. I know the risks, I’ve read the warnings. But I’ve also seen overweight pregnant women. Women that are much, much bigger than I am; heavily pregnant!

Urgh. Sorry. Rant over.

In other news – you may remember that I mentioned a blood test to check for PCOS. I got the results today and got the all clear! So that’s something. Got reminded again that it can take up to a year after coming off the pill before periods regulate themselves again.

Yay for waiting. It’s a good job I’m a patient person (most of the time)

Mrs B x