Here we go again

A lot has happened since I last posted. I got a promotion at work, we bought a house and moved into it, but unfortunately no baby.

My cycle seems to have settled into a three month routine. Three months of nothing followed by three months of constant, heavy bleeding. I went to my old doctor a few times about this, but I was told each time that it was my weight. After some pushing they did some blood tests but the only thing they showed was that I had low iron levels. WELL DUH, DID YOU MISS THE PART ABOUT ME BLEEDING HEAVILY. EVERY. DAY. FOR 3 MONTHS! 3! Ahem.

So I gave up for a while, because work got really really busy, and we were moving and everything. Now we’ve settled in though, and the bleeding is happening again, I decided to give my new doctors a try. Of course, the bleeding would stop on this day, but in the end it was a blessing.

This new doctor did something that none of the others ever bothered to do. He examined me. Gave my insides and tummy a good prodding and used a speculum as well. He told me that there could be something on my right hand side, or it could be some bowel.

I’ve been referred for a pelvic ultrasound to see whether this is PCOS, which he thinks is highly likely. And I have to have a blood test on Wednesday (Day 5 of my cycle, he thinks). Hopefully this means I’m one step closer to fixing this issue! I asked him about weight and he said that yes, losing weight would help a lot, but at the same time, PCOS could be behind the weight as well, so it’s a bit of a catch 22 right now.

Mrs B