5 months on 

So, 5 months on from my last post not a lot has happened. Other than me continuing to be rubbish at posting! 

After a month I went back for my metformin review as discussed with the Dr. Unfortunately he was unavailable and I saw someone else who said that 1 month wasn’t enough and I should wait till 3 months had passed.  So that was a bit of a wasted journey. 

3 months came and went and I didn’t manage to get to the doctors. Busy with work and beating myself up about this whole thing instead. 

Let me explain- in July my husband had his 32nd birthday. For as long as we’ve been together it’s been his life goal to be married and have kids by age 32. The marriage part we’ve achieved obviously (it’s our anniversary this week) but no babies. How wonderful would it be, I thought, to fall pregnant and be able to surprise him on his birthday with a positive pregnancy test??? It didn’t happen and i took it hard. I’d let him down. I didn’t realise at the time just how much it’d affected me until I got pulled up at work for under performing. Great. More stress is exactly what I need. I noticed myself getting increasingly short tempered with the husband during the weeks following his birthay despite his loveliness, and I lost patience for people at work as well. It was bad.

I was also very much aware of our fast approaching 2nd wedding anniversary. Another target I’d mentally placed on myself.  After all most couples conceive around the first year don’t they? Of course were aren’t most couples.

Now though, I’ve been to the doctors and I feel like we’re moving forwards again.  He’s doubled my metformin intake to see if it can help with the weight loss etc. We’re also being referred to a fertility clinic for testing since its been almost exactly two years since we started TTC and still nothing. 

Switching off to enjoy a week away for our 2nd wedding anniversary, 

Mrs B x