Admitting defeat

Not defeat in regards to trying for a baby. More like admitting I was wrong.
Soooo you may have seen my previous post? If not, I’ll do a little bit of a recap.

– stopped taking the pill and got married in August 2014.
– had a period August and a smaller/lighter one September but had nothing in October/November/December
– bled heavily for 3 weeks in January. Had blood tests done for PCOS and was told all clear.
– been told several times that I need to lose weight.

So since that 3 week bleed in January, I’ve had nothing. I did a few pregnancy tests end of Feb/beginning of March when I felt like I could be pregnant, but they were all negative. The doctor told me that my blood test results were all clear for PCOS – there was a higher reading there but I had a horrendous chest infection/cold thing and they said it was likely to be that.

I’m starting to realise now that I need to take this whole weight loss thing more seriously (she says, eating the last of her easter chocolate). Hopefully losing some weight will help to regulate my periods and you know – help with the baby making process.

Worryingly, I’ve also had a letter through from the doctors asking to speak to me about my blood test results – I was told they were all clear but this was by a different doctor I saw when I went in about my cold. You never see the same person twice at my surgery. I haven’t had chance to ring them back yet because of the bank holiday weekend.

So, this is me admitting I was wrong to get angry about being moaned at about my weight.

This is me declaring to take weight loss more seriously. (I find it helps to publish these things on blogs, to give you more incentive or whatever)

At the moment, I’m reading through a blog called Baby Rabies that is just summing up exactly how I’ve been feeling about wanting to have a baby so badly (minus the weight issue). It was started back in 2007 but it’s definitely worth the read.

Mrs B


Overweight and TTC

Every time I’ve been to the doctors lately, it doesn’t seem to matter what I was going for, they slip in that I need to lose weight.

Keep getting sinusitis? Lose weight

Acid reflux? Lose weight

Periods out of whack because you came off the pill? Lose weight

Want to try for a baby? Lose weight

Ok. I get it. I need to lose some weight. But could they try saying it a little nicer? “Have you considered trying to lose a bit of weight.” Is much preferred to: “You need to lose weight before you even consider having a baby.” Like I’ll be the worst mother in the world for even trying.

Yes I know I could stand to lose a few pounds, and I’m trying but every time it’s brought up I feel awful and you know what makes me feel better? FOOD. I know the risks, I’ve read the warnings. But I’ve also seen overweight pregnant women. Women that are much, much bigger than I am; heavily pregnant!

Urgh. Sorry. Rant over.

In other news – you may remember that I mentioned a blood test to check for PCOS. I got the results today and got the all clear! So that’s something. Got reminded again that it can take up to a year after coming off the pill before periods regulate themselves again.

Yay for waiting. It’s a good job I’m a patient person (most of the time)

Mrs B x