All change

Wow. So this week has been a bit full on. I posted on Monday about the 16 weeks I had left to wait for my referral, and then by some kind of miracle I had a phone call on Wednesday advising that the consultant had opened an extra clinic this Saturday was I available to go in? 

Hell yes I was. Hubby and I went along to the consultation yesterday and I had my height and weight taken by the nurse, then finally got to see the consultant who seems lovely. She took a medical history from each of us and advised us of what’s going to happen next. 

For hubby it’s a semen analysis. For me it’s clomid. Unfortunately that means I have to get down to a maximum BMI of 36 and I’m currently 38. So all in all a stone to lose between now and the follow up appointment in 3 months where I’ll hopefully start clomid and hubby will have had his tests done. 

Have to admit I was bricking it a little beforehand but it wasn’t actually that bad while I was in there 


16 weeks and counting *

*not the pregnant kind. 

Today I rang my doctors to ask about my referral to the fertility clinic. My doctors appointment was on the 19th of August and so after 4 weeks as you can imagine I’m getting suitable antsy about hearing from them. Just a gentle nudge wouldn’t hurt, just to make sure it had been sent. 
It has been sent, though the receptionist told me it went out end of August which to me says that it didn’t go out straight away (thanks for that!) And that she’d spoken to the hospital recently and they advised that it could be a wait of up to 18 weeks! 

Taking into consideration when the referral was sent I have approximately q6 weeks left to potentially wait for an appointment. I worked it out. That’s basically Christmas. I’ve already been going mad thinking it was only 6 weeks to wait, now I think I’ll be pulling my hair out! 

Here’s to hoping that some weight loss and baby dancing will do the trick before that! How great would it be the get a BFP for Christmas? Please Santa, that’s all I want.

Trying to wait patiently

Mrs B x 

Ovulation testing 

So I never wanted to be the kind of person who obsessed over trying to have a baby but it’s happened. 

I have a notebook on my bedside table and every morning I get up and record my ovulation test result, my weight and whether Mr Broody and I were intimate. The only thing I don’t do is check BBT because I forget. 

After a week of religious documentation (I did ovulation tests here and there before) and a constant stream of not fertile, I’ve finally had my first HIGH FERTILITY result! 

I was pretty convinced I wasn’t ovulating at all so this has made my day. Now to baby dance until Peak Ovulation and hope for the best!! 

Wish me luck 

Mrs B x

Mood swings 

Does anyone else suffer with them? It’s making me feel like a crazy woman. 

 Yesterday I was in tears at work (again) stressing over this whole TTC situation that I’m in (I know I know stress bad, calm good) but this morning I feel completely the opposite just from one little thing! 

Well I say little, I’m at my lowest weight yet with a total of 1 stone 2 pounds lost from my heaviest! 

Trying to stay sane 

Mrs B x

It’s official.


I have Polycystic Ovaries.

A month ago I was referred for a pelvic ultrasound and some blood tests. The blood tests showed that PCOS was likely, but needed to wait for the ultrasound to confirm.

I had the ultrasound on Wednesday last week and as soon as the sonographer placed the scanner on me and started looking she could see that my ovaries were enlarged, which is the first sign. After that she told me that she needed to do an internal scan as well, which meant I got to go and empty my bladder (yay!), I honestly thought I was going to wet myself when she did the external.

When she did the internal scan, she showed me my bladder, and uterus and finally the ovaries, and when she measured them found that they were almost 50% bigger than they should be, and I was showing all the classic signs of PCOS.

After that it was back to the doctors to discuss options, and I managed to get an appointment on the friday with the same doctor who had referred me, which was shocking enough in itself.

He advised that there were two options going forwards:

  1. Contraceptive Pill
  2. Metformin

I decided against the contraceptive pill, because although it will help with the hormonal aspect, my husband and I are still trying to conceive. So I’m now on Metormin, which will help with some of the other symptoms like excess hair (so long, moustache!), extra weight and hopefully, ovulation problems. We’re starting at 1 x 500mg tablet a day and will review in a month to see whether we need to up the dosage.

The doctor also said that if there’s no progress on the baby front I can be referred to a fertility clinic, so things are looking up. I know what’s wrong and we’re taking steps to sort it out.

My husband has been amazing, he emailed all of his family privately before mother’s day to let them know what was going on, has pretty much memorised the Wikipedia page and knows just how to make me feel better when I’m feeling down, which has been frequently since getting the diagnosis, including a bit of a breakdown at work.

Trying to stay positive though!

Mrs B


So it just occurred to me that I hadn’t updated since my last post. Unfortunately I got a negative. (A few negatives if I’m being honest about how many tests I took…)

There has been some progress, however, in that I think my period is returning. It’s nowhere near as heavy as my cycle usually would be, but something’s happening. For the first few days it was just light bleeding and there was no womb lining in it. I thought it had finished two days ago as there’s been nothing, but earlier when I wiped there was a lot of blood and some womb lining!

After spending so many years of my life moaning about having periods, it feels weird that I’m so happy to have it back!

I’m taking this as a good sign. The doctors originally told me that it could take up to a year for my periods to come back after coming off the pill, and i’m 8 months in now so I feel I was due some progress.

Feeling hopeful,
Mrs S

Two Week Wait

I’ve read a lot of posts about the dreaded two week wait and for the first time I think I might actually be in the middle of one.

I am trying not to get too excited about anything because if it is nothing, I don’t want to be super disappointed again… BUT I really believe I may be having some early pregnancy symptoms.

2 weeks ago I was experiencing some cramping pains, I figured that maybe my periods were finally returning and thought nothing more of it. On Thursday 25th June there was some blood in my underwear and when I wiped there was some blood and a small bit of womb lining. I freaked out. I had nothing on me to deal with this, fortunately my line manager let me run out to grab some pads.

It wasn’t until the next day that I realised that was it. There was no more bleeding, my period hadn’t started. I thought nothing of it until a few days later when I saw my friend who very excitedly told me that it might have been an implantation bleed! She ordered me to do an HPT ASAP. Needless to say I rushed home and did one. Negative. But it had only been 2 days. I waited until the following Thursday. Still Negative.

I saw Excited Friend again a couple days ago for lunch and she told me I may have been too impatient and tested too early. After doing some research and there seems to be some discrepancy with the amount of time you should wait before testing. I’m going to go with the standard 12-4 days which means I should do another test around the 9th of July.

I’ve also been having some symptoms (Which i’m not entirely convinced aren’t just in my head)
– Tender breasts
Seriously, if I lean on them the wrong way, or lie on them, or when I take my bra off they kind of twinge.
– Nausea
Constantly. Chewing gum seems to help.
– Back ache
This could be from work/bad posture however.
– Heartburn
I’ve always had problems with heartburn for its been fine for the last few months, in the last month though it seems to have gone into overdrive.
– Tiredness
Again, this could be down to work. I’m doing upwards of 45-50 hours a week at the moment.
– Sense of smell
This is gross, but lately I have been able to smell my own urine. Normally I’m a mouth breather and don’t tend to breath through my nose so I don’t really notice smells but lately I have been noticing more and more.
– Temperature rise
I didn’t think anything of this at first, but after doing some research while I was posting today I thought it might be worth a mention. My husband has commented a couple of times now about a rise in my body temperature. Normally I’m the cold one and he’s the hot one, so I like to snuggle up to him to ‘steal his warms’ as I like to put it. Now, it’s been very hot here in the UK so I figured that maybe I was just hot from that..

What do you guys think about all of this. Could I be pregnant?
Desperately trying not to get my hopes up about it because I don’t want to be crushed. I still haven’t had a proper period since September last year when I came off the pill. Doctors provisionally told me that it would take up to a year to regulate themselves, and we’re coming up to the end of that now so here’s hoping!